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Foto: Jan-Robert Jore
Brekkestø is a harbour on the Skagerrak coast, located on Justøy in the municipality of Lillesand. During the sail ship era, Brekkestø was a good port for ships who had to wait for good sail winds or sought shelter for storms. In a description of the Norwegian coast from 1790, the Brekkestø harbour is mentioned. It's really a double harbour, and there are two fairways that lead into them. From the east, you reach the inner harbour. The inner harbour is well protected from weather and waves. At the outer port there is 13-17 foot of depth and sandy bottom. Large frigates fit in this harbor. Good moorings to land are important in southeastern wind. Brekkestø has a well-preserved building environment with wooden architecture from the sail ship era, including the Tollboden which is listed. Text Wikipedia, Creative Commons (BY-SA)