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Foto: Jan-Robert Jore
Ny-Hellesund is an outport in Søgne municipality in Vest-Agder county, consisting of three main islands with good harbour and sheltered conditions. The islands are called Monsøya, Helgøya and Kapelløya. The place has 10-15 permanent residents. Summertime is very busy, with summer guests in houses, cottages and boathouses. There is a lot of boat traffic through the main sound, Hellesundet. In addition, a large number of boat tourists stay for a day or two, not least beacause there is a nice harbour between Helgøya and Kapelløya. Ny-Hellesund is considered one of Norway's best-kept outports. The County Conservator in Vest-Agder initiated the process of listing the Ny-Hellesund Cultural Environment in 2009. The harbour was listed by the Royal Decree on October 21, 2016. Text Wikipedia, Creative Commons (BY-SA)