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Stavernsodden lighthouse

Foto: og grafikk Arild Fredriksen
A decision to establish a lighthouse at the entrance to the important naval base of Stavern/Fredriksvern was made in 1849, but the budget proved inadequate. When the light was first lit in 1855, the station had only a small beacon and a primitive guardroom for the keeper. It took another 19 years before the granite dwelling for the keeper’s family was finished. In 1954 a new house was built that became the keeper’s residence. The station was automated and de-manned in 1984. It is owned by the state and protected as a national monument under the Cultural Heritage Act. Today, Kystverket is cooperating with the local heritage organization Kystlaget Fredriksvern to ensure public access and alternative use of the premises. Situated at the eastern side of the southern entrance to the harbour of Stavern, the light does not only mark the safe entrance to the harbour, but it’s white sector to the east also marks the safe passage between Svenner and the mainland.