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Grave mound Oshaugen

Foto: Frode Pilskog
Oshaugen, lies on a natural hillock. The burial mound is 45 m in diameter and 6 m high. There is a 12 m broad and 2 m deep hollow in the top, the result of excavations and the removal of stones. Bishop Jacob Neumann began excavations here in August 1837, which were reported completed in 1860. The local farmers who carried out the digs said that there was “at the bottom a small room lined with stone slabs with lintels, under which there was just soil". In the northwestern slope there is a 1 m broad stone slab, which may originate from this room. In addition a gold ring from Roman times was found. This is probably a grave from Roman times that has been placed in an even older burial mound from the Bronze Age. From the top of the mound there is good view across the coastal fairway.