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Trading post Kjeldsund

Foto: Frode Pilskog
Kjeldsund, an old trading post. The first known merchant is Rasmus Simonsen who took citizenship in Bergen in 1620. Sources from 1785 describe Kjeldsund as comfortable and containing all the necessaries. The place is built beside a channel frequently used by the local people from Rovde, Volda and Ørsta and other fjord communities. Usually they stay overnight here and are supplied with all they require. The first post office in Herøy was opened at Kjeldsund in 1804. Herøy and Rovde Savings Bank was started here in 1843. The last merchant was shopkeeper’s son Enok Svendsen from Ørstavik and his son Erik. Enok was also responsible for trading in Fosnavåg and on Flåvær. Erik took over in 1898 and was in business until 1936. From 1948 to 1955 the property served as a domestic science school. In the early 1960s Kjeldsund was purchased by The Norwegian Mission Society, who run an outdoor pursuits centre here