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Disused ferry jetty

Foto: Frode Pilskog

~no:Nedlagt fergekai med ventebu. Fergekaia vart tidlegare nytta i sambandet Ulsteinvik-Hatløya-(Borgarøya)-Torvik-Runde. Sambandet Ulsteinvik-Torvik nedlagt i 1976. Sambandet Torvik-Runde fortsatte fram til 1982. Ferga vart då erstatta med Rundebrua.~en:Disused ferry jetty with a small waiting room. Formerly used by the ferry connecting Ulsteinvik-Hatløya-(Borgarøya)-Torvik-Runde, a service that was discontinued in 1976. The ferry link Torvik-Runde operated until 1982, when the ferry was replaced by the Runde road bridge.