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Sanguinaires Lighthouse

Foto: Vincent Guigueno

Range 24M

Height (18,5 m)

Signal Fl(3) W 15s

Iles Sanguinaires lighthouse (1844) is one of the five major lighthouses, along with La Giraglia, La Revellata, Pertusato and La Chiappa, lighted in the 1840's according to a masterplan decided in 1838. It is now demanned. Iles Sanguinaires is a touristic destination from Ajaccio. It is also famous in popular culture because of Alphonse Dauded who wrote in 1869 one of the first novel in french about lighthouse entitled « Le phare des Sanguinaires »

Corsican Lighthouses


Corsica have many lighthouses. This film offers a first look at three of them:

Iles Sanguinaires on the geographical position: N41.879467, E 8.593354

Capo Pertusato N 41.367485, E 9.184502

Ile Lavezzi N 41.334533, E 9.258915