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Wreck of the ship M/K Egil

Foto: Frode Pilskog
The remains of MK "Egil" are the subject of a protection order from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage. "Egil" M-48-U was built as a sailing vessel in Romsdalen in 1903. In 1920 she was registered as being 50.1 foot long and 14 foot wide and equipped with a 16 Hp Gideon motor, which had been installed in 1908. In 1924 the vessel was extended and given a new 34 Gideon engine. In 1934 a new 50 Hp Skandia motor was installed. In 1939 MK Egil was rebuilt at Hatlø shipyard, then becoming 53 foot long and 15.5 foot wide. In 1965 the vessel was reported as being condemned.  "Egil" had the nicknames "Kippa" and "Flæsa". In the background can be seen the old lighthouse service vessel "Helnes" which was used during the rebuilding of the northernmost county of Finnmark after World War II