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Bøkfjord Lighthouse

Foto: og grafikk Arild Fredriksen
Bøkfjord lighthouse, on the south side of Varangerfjorden, was established in 1910 as a result of growing traffic connected to the mining activities in Kirkenes. During the 2nd World War, German troops took over the lighthouse, and before they retreated in 1944, the whole station was demolished. When it was rebuilt after the war, it was given a modern, functionalistic style by the famous architects Blakstad and Munthe-Kaas. Bøkfjord was de- manned in 2006, as the last lighthouse in Norway. The station is owned by the state and protected as a national monument under the Cultural Heritage Act. The Coastal Administration is cooperating with local interests to facilitate alternative use of the premises. Guiding the way - Bøkfjord lighthouse marks the fairway towards Kirkenes harbour. The waters here are relatively clean and deep, but fog can often create problems. Both a fog-signal and a radiobeacon was therefore installed at Bøkfjord.