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Buholmråsa Lighthouse

Foto: og grafikk Arild Fredriksen
Buholmråsa lighthouse was established in 1917. During the 2nd World War it was occupied by German forces and in October 1944 it was raided by Allied airplanes. The living quarters and the outhouse were burnt down. After the war the station was rebuilt, with a house for the principal keeper and a separate house for the two assistants. Buholmråsa was de-manned in 1994. The station is owned by the state and protected as a national monument by the Cultural Heritage Act. The Coastal Administration is cooperating with local interests to facilitate alternative use of the premises. Guiding the way - The main function of the lighthouse at Sønnaholmen (Buholmråsa) is to lead south-going ships safely through the waters of Buholmråsa, past Sørskyttelen.